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Kindly fill up the form below to register with KEMates:

However, we would advise you to create a new account on instead (, because of the following reasons:

1) You can change your email ID at any time : 
by sending us a message at or 

2)Your email address remains unchanged for life : 
Many of the Email services you use e.g. hotmail are going to become paid services soon  When this happens and you shift to some other free server, your email address will change. However, you can retain your email address at by sending an Email indicating the change in your email address to us. We then change the Email address that your mail is forwarded to, WITHOUT changing your email address.
 (e.g. remains the same, but the email will be forwarded to a different address (i.e. instead of
In short, you get to retain your Email address for life, no matter how many servers you change.

And lastly, but not the least,
3) Because it satisfies our ego.
lol... just kidding.. :)

So if you want to create a new email address, click on the button below :


If on the other hand, if you still want to use your existing email address...  hmmm.... 
Kindly fill up the form below :

First Name:

Last Name:

Year of admission into GSMC / KEM:

PG students : Please write PG along with your year of admission in KEM and specialty  e.g." PG 1993 surgery"
Professors: Kindly write Prof followed by your specialty e.g. "Prof surgery"

Existing EMail address:

Would you like to be listed in the directory ?(Yes/No)

You can remove your email from the directory at anytime by sending an Email requesting the same to or .