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Please fill up the form below to activate your Email address.
This facility is currently limited to only receiving  Emails.

This is how it works:
Let us suppose that your original email address is . Now you  register in as
   If your friend ( ) sends an email at  the email is automatically forwarded to your yahoo address. Next time you open your yahoo  inbox, you receive your friend's email with a comment that it had originally been sent to

The forwarding is automatic and instantaneous. Hence your emails are not delayed in any way.

Although the example above uses an yahoo id, the Email service is compatible with ALL the email providers (including hotmail,, rediffmail , and our very own VSNL).

Note :ALL fields are required

Your First Name :

Your last name:

Year of admission into GSMC/ KEMH : 

PG students :
Please write PG along with your year of admission in KEM and specialty  e.g." PG 1993 surgery"
Professors: Kindly write Prof followed by your specialty e.g. "Prof surgery"

Your existing email address :

(This is the Email address that all the email sent to you at will be forwarded to)

Desired Email  ID :
Alternative (will be used if the first is not available):
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You can remove your email from the directory at anytime by sending an Email requesting the same to or .