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What do you REALLY think about this site ???

Kindly report broken links, typos , grammatical errors and other miscellaneous problems through this section.

You may also use this page to volunteer for writing a particular article of your interest for the site.

 Although I would much rather prefer that you send your comments about the site to the general message board ( Just click on the Messageboard link at the top of the page) , the more critical among you who have things to say to me that cannot be said in public for fear of public revulsion or personal ostracization can use this page to send me suggestions :

All feedback that you send through the site is mailed directly to me at . You can also send me a direct more conventional email at the same address.  

We guarantee you that we will reply to each letter personally and at length. Your opinion counts and means a lot to us. Please do send your suggestions / criticisms /praise ...This is after all YOUR site.

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